A Bittersweet of Raymond Myles Documentary

Raymond Myles is one of the greatest gospel singers. However, most of people did not know what his life before. He was struggle his life with all controversies that he had. As a gospel singer, he was pushed to be an angelic character which must be good on people’s eye. At that time, not most of people want to open up with homosexual. That is why on Raymond Myles documentary he was depicted as a bullied boy who grew up strongly. Although his voice and songs brought a great peace and happiness, his end of life was not as great as them.

Raymond Myles’ Life

If you have ever watched the Raymond Myles documentary, so you might know the path of his life. The life of Myles was summed up into a bittersweet documentary. He was depicted as a poor boy that lived with his 10 siblings. Since childhood, he had ever bullied by his brothers because of his sexuality.

  • Myles as Bullied Boy Because of His Sexuality

His brothers thought that a devil was live in Myles’ body so they pushed him to throw away his soul. This environment affected him well. He grew up in religious family. That is why he grew up into a strong boy. His talent was firstly found by Mahalia Jackson. This is a start of his career in music industry.

  • A Start of Myles’ Life

At 12 years old, Myles released his first recorded song called Pray from a 12 Years Old Boy. This song became a hit. It even became a sign of the end of the Vietnam War. His soft voice which harmonized well with the music becomes a peace for some people around the world.

On the Raymond Myles documentary, it was also depicted his tragic life. Born as a poor boy, it let him luck to be a popular one. He became one of the most popular gospel singers in Europe and United States. However, his end of life was not as good as his career. He was died at such young age. He was murdered when he was on 41 years old. Until now, people still remind him as the best gospel singer.

Raymond Myles’ Path Of Career

On the Raymond Myles documentary, it was focused on his career as a gospel singer. He started to build a choir group called as RAMS. This group stands for Raymond Anthony Myles Singer. His career reached his popularity up with this group.

Besides known as a singer, Myles also became a music teacher. In his greatest life, he had ever been a mentor for troubled students. He was a music teacher at Abramson High School which located in New Orleans. One of his student, Eunice Love credited Myles since he saved her life when she was ever as a suicidal teenager.

It was also drawn on the Raymond Myles documentary, Eunice Love joint with RAMS as vocalist. Myles career became great and greater. However, his life found difficulty when he opened up to be a gay. As a gospel singer, this sexuality becomes a controversy. It also broke his producer. He needs to overcome the fans that he was an evangelic gospel.

On the top of career, Myles got many rejections due his sexuality. At the end, he finally released a recorded live song. It was Heaven is the Place and let the song become A Collection Of Sparkling Originals and Re-Inventions of Gospel Standards by Billboard. This song was recorded live when Myles performed at Fairview Baptist Church.

His career became up again. As depicted on the Raymond Myles documentary, Heaven is the Place brought him to be superstardom. He and his group, RAMS started to travel around Europe forth and back. They even performed three weeks at Madison Square Garden along with Harry Connick Jr.

Raymond Myles’ Memorable Songs

When you are watching the Raymond Myles documentary, you might full of tears. It was depicted how sorrowful Myles’ life started was. The happiness came when he reached on his popularity. The rollercoaster is the best sign for his life. His popularity also becomes one of the best one which brought the best songs. Among his songs, there are three notable and memorable songs he had:

  • Prayer from 12 Years Old Boy

As previously mentioned by bloggerdasteran, this song became his first single. At the first point, he got his popularity at such young age. His song became a peace for people all around the world.

  • Jesus is The Baddest Man in Town

His career reached to the top when he grouped RAMS. It brought him to the fame. This song became the favorite one made him to be the best gospel singer.

  • Heaven is the Place

As depicted on Raymond Myles documentary, his popularity back to the top when he released this song with RAMS. That is why it is included in.

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