Raymond Myles Biography: A Rollercoaster Life of A Gospel Giant


Who does not know Raymond Myles? The best gospel singer in 1980s had been bringing a peace through his honey voice. Most of his songs became remarkable and hit to the top of hill. His most talented talent also brought him to be a music teacher and a great performer. The Raymond Myles biography even has been depicted into a documentary and other movies. In New Orleans, more people love him. Behind his shining fame, there were a lot of bitter stories which was untold.

Getting Know More On Raymond Myles Biography

If you want to know more about the Raymond Myles biography, so you may watch his movie and other literature. They depicted Myles’ life well. However, to make you easier and got fast information here are his short biography which has been summed up:

  • Raymond Myles’ Childhood

The Raymond Myles biography started from his childhood. He was born on July 14, 1958, from a poor family. However, he lived in a strong family that used to live around the church. This environment is shaped Myles to be the great Gospel singer. He was first known for his talent at five.

However, he was bullied by their brothers. He lived with other nine siblings and he was the ninth of ten. His brothers pushed him to let his gay out. He even said that their brother tried to beat kind of gay inside him out. However, he still could grow up well until his chance came up when he was 12 years old.

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  • Career Life in Music Industry

When he was 12 years old, he released his first recorded single song. The song brought a peace around the United States to Europe. Prayer from A 12 Years Old Boy, the name of his first song brought him into popularity. His voice echoed to all around countries and even became remarks of the end of the Vietnam Wars long ago.

On 1980s, he released some songs and started to make a group of choir called Raymond Anthony Myles Singers (RAMS). They released more albums and became more hit. However, his career found trouble when he declared the truth that he was a gay. So many issues appeared on him and made his career stop for a while. At the end, he successfully released remake songs with RAMS under a different label. On 2003, he released Heaven is The Place and became his last album.

  • The End of Life of A Gospel Giant

The miserable had no end for Myles’ life. After a rollercoaster life, he should find the truth of his faith. He was died at young age which is 41 years because of murdered by carjacker.

He was found dead an hour after his performer. The investigation released that he was carjacked and murdered. This accident left a hurt for his fans and all people around. Until the end, the Raymond Myles biography became a full of bittersweet situation. His rollercoaster life is even a motivation for some people.

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