The Eternal Raymond Myles Songs

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When we are talking about a gospel singer, we should not go away from Raymond Myles. He was one of the best singers around 70s and 80s which still remind in people’s heart. His soft voice with great harmonization make anyone got a peace. So many Raymond Myles songs became the best hits. He even performed at many event and church. At this point, his career became the greatest one. He even released his first single song at 12 years and started his career by grouping a choir group based on his name.

Prayer From A 12 Years Old Boy As A Started For Raymond Myles Songs

The first remark song from Raymond Myles is Prayer from a 12 Years Old Boy. He was on 12 years old when the song was firstly released. This song became the first recorded Raymond Myles songs. As depicted on his movies and some news, Myles was born and grew up around church. It led and helped him to be a choir singer. Then, this first song became a hit for most of all around the world. This song also came to bring a peace after the Vietnam War happened at the past.

Raymond Myles Album Hit Songs

The career of Myles became greater and greater. He managed to climb his career well with his soft honey voice. There are a lot of Raymond Myles songs which became a great and hit song. At the first, he sang alone then he came with a group called RAMS. This group was stand for his name, Raymond Anthony Myles Singers.

  • New Orleans Gospel 1988

The first album of Raymon Myles was released on 1988. It was called as New Orleans Gospel. It has 8 songs included his single before I Go to the Rock. He was released this album under the Great Southern Records label and became a hit.

  • Same 1995

After a long gap, Raymond Myles came back with new album on 1995. He was back under different label from the previous album. Under Honey Darling Records, he released 10 songs in Same album with Funk and Soul genre.  Put A Little Love In Your Heart and Learning to Love are two of songs included this album.

  • Heaven is the Place with The Rams 1997

Myles history in industry music has become a rollercoaster for him. After stand alone for long time, he finally made a group of choir. RAMS which is Raymond Anthony Myles Singers is his group which brought him into gain more popularity. Because of some issues, Myles chose to release new album under another label. On 1997, he and RAMS released 10 songs in Heaven is the Place under NYNO Records. It got more attention with one of their songs; Jesus is The Baddest Man in Town.

  • A Taste of Heaven 2003

Myles also face some issues in his life. Despite his glorious career as a gospel singer, he declared himself as a gay. Some of producers and even labels could not accept this kind of image. That is why he faced some troubles on it. However, on 2003 he could release an album with RAMS under Legacy label. Basically, this album mostly contained of remake songs from the previous album. This album also became his last album for his life.

Raymond Myles Single Songs

Besides releasing four album, there are also Raymond Myles songs which released as single song. For the first must be Prayer from A 12 Years Old Boy. However, it has been long ago before he started his career officially in the music industry. Along his life, he released three single songs included his first song at twelve. The rests were released around 1980s.

  • Never Gonna Give You Up 1982

Before Myles released an album and after his first recorded song, he started to release a single song. Never Gonna Give You Up, also known as Give It to Jesus He’ll Fix It was the second single song. It released on 1982 under the Golden Shield label.

  • I Go to The Rock 1988

Then for the single Raymond Myles songs on 1988, he released I Go To The Rock under the Great Southern Records. This song also was included into his first album, New Orleans Gospel for the same year.

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