The Eternal Raymond Myles Songs

When we are talking about a gospel singer, we should not go away from Raymond Myles. He was one of the best singers around 70s and 80s which still remind in people’s heart. His soft voice with great harmonization make anyone got a peace. So many Raymond Myles songs became the best hits. He even performed at many event and church. At this point, his career became the greatest one. He even released his first single song at 12 years and started his career by grouping a choir group based on his name.

Prayer From A 12 Years Old Boy As A Started For Raymond Myles Songs

The first remark song from Raymond Myles is Prayer from a 12 Years Old Boy. He was on 12 years old when the song was firstly released. This song became the first recorded Raymond Myles songs. As depicted on his movies and some news, Myles was born and grew up around church. It led and helped him to be a choir singer. Then, this first song became a hit for most of all around the world. This song also came to bring a peace after the Vietnam War happened at the past.

Raymond Myles Album Hit Songs

The career of Myles became greater and greater. He managed to climb his career well with his soft honey voice. There are a lot of Raymond Myles songs which became a great and hit song. At the first, he sang alone then he came with a group called RAMS. This group was stand for his name, Raymond Anthony Myles Singers.

  • New Orleans Gospel 1988

The first album of Raymon Myles was released on 1988. It was called as New Orleans Gospel. It has 8 songs included his single before I Go to the Rock. He was released this album under the Great Southern Records label and became a hit.

  • Same 1995

After a long gap, Raymond Myles came back with new album on 1995. He was back under different label from the previous album. Under Honey Darling Records, he released 10 songs in Same album with Funk and Soul genre.  Put A Little Love In Your Heart and Learning to Love are two of songs included this album.

  • Heaven is the Place with The Rams 1997

Myles history in industry music has become a rollercoaster for him. After stand alone for long time, he finally made a group of choir. RAMS which is Raymond Anthony Myles Singers is his group which brought him into gain more popularity. Because of some issues, Myles chose to release new album under another label. On 1997, he and RAMS released 10 songs in Heaven is the Place under NYNO Records. It got more attention with one of their songs; Jesus is The Baddest Man in Town.

  • A Taste of Heaven 2003

Myles also face some issues in his life. Despite his glorious career as a gospel singer, he declared himself as a gay. Some of producers and even labels could not accept this kind of image. That is why he faced some troubles on it. However, on 2003 he could release an album with RAMS under Legacy label. Basically, this album mostly contained of remake songs from the previous album. This album also became his last album for his life.

Raymond Myles Single Songs

Besides releasing four album, there are also Raymond Myles songs which released as single song. For the first must be Prayer from A 12 Years Old Boy. However, it has been long ago before he started his career officially in the music industry. Along his life, he released three single songs included his first song at twelve. The rests were released around 1980s.

  • Never Gonna Give You Up 1982

Before Myles released an album and after his first recorded song, he started to release a single song. Never Gonna Give You Up, also known as Give It to Jesus He’ll Fix It was the second single song. It released on 1982 under the Golden Shield label.

  • I Go to The Rock 1988

Then for the single Raymond Myles songs on 1988, he released I Go To The Rock under the Great Southern Records. This song also was included into his first album, New Orleans Gospel for the same year.

What to Do for 1 Day in Washington DC

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A Bittersweet of Raymond Myles Documentary

Raymond Myles is one of the greatest gospel singers. However, most of people did not know what his life before. He was struggle his life with all controversies that he had. As a gospel singer, he was pushed to be an angelic character which must be good on people’s eye. At that time, not most of people want to open up with homosexual. That is why on Raymond Myles documentary he was depicted as a bullied boy who grew up strongly. Although his voice and songs brought a great peace and happiness, his end of life was not as great as them.

Raymond Myles’ Life

If you have ever watched the Raymond Myles documentary, so you might know the path of his life. The life of Myles was summed up into a bittersweet documentary. He was depicted as a poor boy that lived with his 10 siblings. Since childhood, he had ever bullied by his brothers because of his sexuality.

  • Myles as Bullied Boy Because of His Sexuality

His brothers thought that a devil was live in Myles’ body so they pushed him to throw away his soul. This environment affected him well. He grew up in religious family. That is why he grew up into a strong boy. His talent was firstly found by Mahalia Jackson. This is a start of his career in music industry.

  • A Start of Myles’ Life

At 12 years old, Myles released his first recorded song called Pray from a 12 Years Old Boy. This song became a hit. It even became a sign of the end of the Vietnam War. His soft voice which harmonized well with the music becomes a peace for some people around the world.

On the Raymond Myles documentary, it was also depicted his tragic life. Born as a poor boy, it let him luck to be a popular one. He became one of the most popular gospel singers in Europe and United States. However, his end of life was not as good as his career. He was died at such young age. He was murdered when he was on 41 years old. Until now, people still remind him as the best gospel singer.

Raymond Myles’ Path Of Career

On the Raymond Myles documentary, it was focused on his career as a gospel singer. He started to build a choir group called as RAMS. This group stands for Raymond Anthony Myles Singer. His career reached his popularity up with this group.

Besides known as a singer, Myles also became a music teacher. In his greatest life, he had ever been a mentor for troubled students. He was a music teacher at Abramson High School which located in New Orleans. One of his student, Eunice Love credited Myles since he saved her life when she was ever as a suicidal teenager.

It was also drawn on the Raymond Myles documentary, Eunice Love joint with RAMS as vocalist. Myles career became great and greater. However, his life found difficulty when he opened up to be a gay. As a gospel singer, this sexuality becomes a controversy. It also broke his producer. He needs to overcome the fans that he was an evangelic gospel.

On the top of career, Myles got many rejections due his sexuality. At the end, he finally released a recorded live song. It was Heaven is the Place and let the song become A Collection Of Sparkling Originals and Re-Inventions of Gospel Standards by Billboard. This song was recorded live when Myles performed at Fairview Baptist Church.

His career became up again. As depicted on the Raymond Myles documentary, Heaven is the Place brought him to be superstardom. He and his group, RAMS started to travel around Europe forth and back. They even performed three weeks at Madison Square Garden along with Harry Connick Jr.

Raymond Myles’ Memorable Songs

When you are watching the Raymond Myles documentary, you might full of tears. It was depicted how sorrowful Myles’ life started was. The happiness came when he reached on his popularity. The rollercoaster is the best sign for his life. His popularity also becomes one of the best one which brought the best songs. Among his songs, there are three notable and memorable songs he had:

  • Prayer from 12 Years Old Boy

As previously mentioned by bloggerdasteran, this song became his first single. At the first point, he got his popularity at such young age. His song became a peace for people all around the world.

  • Jesus is The Baddest Man in Town

His career reached to the top when he grouped RAMS. It brought him to the fame. This song became the favorite one made him to be the best gospel singer.

  • Heaven is the Place

As depicted on Raymond Myles documentary, his popularity back to the top when he released this song with RAMS. That is why it is included in.

Raymond Myles Biography: A Rollercoaster Life of A Gospel Giant


Who does not know Raymond Myles? The best gospel singer in 1980s had been bringing a peace through his honey voice. Most of his songs became remarkable and hit to the top of hill. His most talented talent also brought him to be a music teacher and a great performer. The Raymond Myles biography even has been depicted into a documentary and other movies. In New Orleans, more people love him. Behind his shining fame, there were a lot of bitter stories which was untold.

Getting Know More On Raymond Myles Biography

If you want to know more about the Raymond Myles biography, so you may watch his movie and other literature. They depicted Myles’ life well. However, to make you easier and got fast information here are his short biography which has been summed up:

  • Raymond Myles’ Childhood

The Raymond Myles biography started from his childhood. He was born on July 14, 1958, from a poor family. However, he lived in a strong family that used to live around the church. This environment is shaped Myles to be the great Gospel singer. He was first known for his talent at five.

However, he was bullied by their brothers. He lived with other nine siblings and he was the ninth of ten. His brothers pushed him to let his gay out. He even said that their brother tried to beat kind of gay inside him out. However, he still could grow up well until his chance came up when he was 12 years old.

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  • Career Life in Music Industry

When he was 12 years old, he released his first recorded single song. The song brought a peace around the United States to Europe. Prayer from A 12 Years Old Boy, the name of his first song brought him into popularity. His voice echoed to all around countries and even became remarks of the end of the Vietnam Wars long ago.

On 1980s, he released some songs and started to make a group of choir called Raymond Anthony Myles Singers (RAMS). They released more albums and became more hit. However, his career found trouble when he declared the truth that he was a gay. So many issues appeared on him and made his career stop for a while. At the end, he successfully released remake songs with RAMS under a different label. On 2003, he released Heaven is The Place and became his last album.

  • The End of Life of A Gospel Giant

The miserable had no end for Myles’ life. After a rollercoaster life, he should find the truth of his faith. He was died at young age which is 41 years because of murdered by carjacker.

He was found dead an hour after his performer. The investigation released that he was carjacked and murdered. This accident left a hurt for his fans and all people around. Until the end, the Raymond Myles biography became a full of bittersweet situation. His rollercoaster life is even a motivation for some people.

A Raymond Myles Movie Depicted His Life

Have you ever heard about the best singer, Raymond Myles? A singer who was famous around 90s had become the best performer. He was not only known as a singer but also as the best recording artist and music teacher in New Orleans. His life also was depicted well on Raymond Myles movies.

Even he was known as part of church choir, his life is full of controversy from the society. However, his succeed never died. He and his group have been successfully toured around in United States and Europe greatly. This popularity becomes a sign of his greatest songs which are most acceptable.

Who Is Raymond Myles?

For some people might not familiar with Myles. Although there are Raymond Myles movies which depicted a life of Myles, it does not bring more popularity as he was alive before. At the first, he joint with a choir group named RAMS that stands for Raymond Anthony Myles Singers. This group brings his popularity up to the hill.

Far from his fame, Myles was born as Raymond Anthony Myles who was a ninth child of all ten children from a poor family in New Orleans. Although he was from a poor family, Myles became a strong man in tough life. He grew up in church which leads him into his recent career.

At his five, Myles was anointed by Mahalia Jackson as a child prodigy. Then, he started to record his first song. The first recorded single is Prayer from a 12-years-old Boy which brings a peace around to the world, especially for the end of the Vietnam War. It also brings a hot in the southern United States.

On the Raymond Myles movies, all his life was depicted well. From this bitter life which was bullied by his brothers to the fame of popularity that he received, the audience was brought up into tears and happiness from this movie.

The Most Known Of Raymond Myles’ Songs

Based on the Raymond Myles movies, Myles had most of the powerful and popular songs. Most of them were part of the group song RAMS. His golden voice with great harmonization of his group brought a peace around the world. That is why the RAMS became one of the most popular choirs around Europe and United states. Here are the best hits for Myles’ songs:

  • Prayer from a 12 Years Old Boy

The first song released by Myles was Prayer from a 12 Years Old Boy. It was recorded when he was on 12 years and brings a symphony at the end of the Vietnam War. This song also became the first step of his career’s ladder. This beginning of his career was also depicted as a start of his life on Raymond Myles movies.

  • He’s Right There

As most people known, Myles was in a group of RAMS and became a hit. They released more and more religious and peace songs. One of the most powerful one is He’s Right There. This song is one of the most listened from the church.

  • Jesus is The Baddest Man in Town

As the mark of RAMS, Myles released a religious song which had a controversy title. Jesus is the Baddest Main in Town became more popular and popular. Once again, RAMS came into their popularity and Myles became one of the most powerful well-known singers.

  • A Taste of Heaven

As like as all of his songs, A Taste of Heaven also becomes one of the gospel which brings a peace and happiness at once. This song also becomes one of a title of the Raymond Myles movies. Song and movie becomes one of the greatest combinations.

A Bittersweet Documentary Movie Of Raymond Myles

As the most powerful singer with the greatest choir group, Myles had been attracted a producer. One of the most iconic Raymond Myles movies is A Taste of Heaven. In this movie, Myles was depicted as a boy who started his life from the bottom to hit the hill. As a gay who love God, Myles was depicted as a boy who bullied by his environment.

As a boy who grew up in the church made him into learn music naturally. His voice became greater and greater which let every people heard find a peace. However, he found something different in him. He was a gay but was not supported by his environment. Since childhood, he was bullied by his brothers. He was pushed to let a devil inside him as a gay.

In Raymond Myles movies, it was also depicted that Myles even was rejected by one of the producer once he announced himself as a gay. The producer side thought that Myles had to be the best example of his fans as a gospel singer. A gay was far away from a good image of a gospel singer. It was even happened when he was on the top of popularity.

Raymond Myles A Gospel Giant and Much More Story Life

Raymond Myles was known as the best gospel singer. He was started his career since he was 12 years old by releasing a touchable song titled Prayer from A 12 Years Old Boy. However, his name started to get bigger since he was release a single on 1982. For you who are curious on Raymond Myles a gospel giant and much more, so here are a short history line of Myles’ life. His life seems like a rollercoaster which made him as an inspiration for many people.

A Childhood Of Raymond Myles

The Raymond Myles a gospel giant and much more was started from his childhood. He was born on July 1958. His family is far from wealth. He was born as a ninth of ten children from a poor family. Although he was born from a poor family, he was shaped well in church. His childhood was in church. That is why his voice was getting better and better.

At five years old, Mahalia Jackson was found his talent. Then, he started to train him well. At the end of Mahalia’s life, Myles sang for her for the last. His talent was not wasted at that way. He continued to gain more talent in music. After seven years later, he started to release a gospel song. A Prayer from A 12 Years Old Boy became a hit and made people known his voice well. However, this popularity did not come fully. He needed to struggle more and more until he could release another song which hit to the top.

Back before Raymond Myles a gospel giant and much more, he was a bullied boy even from his brothers. As people known, Myles was a gay who sang a gospel. Since childhood, he already felt that way which triggered his brothers to bully him about his sexuality. Once he had ever said that his brothers want to let gay out of his body.

However, his environment made him to be stronger and stronger. He could grow up well with a tremendous talent. His honey voice became a peace for many people at that time. His first recorded song even became a song remarks the end of the Vietnam War. It might be a big achievement for little Raymond.

Raymond Myles, A Gospel Giant

His hard work gave him a present. He became one of the most popular singer at 1980s to 1990s. After his first song, he started to release a new single titled Never Gonna Give You Up. This song on how to get better in life and  became a restart for his career in music industry.

His career on music grew up more and more. He became Raymond Myles a gospel giant and much more which more people love to. His talent in music with his soft voice brought a peace for whoever listened to. After two albums and two singles, he started to make a group of choir. RAMS or Raymond Anthony Myles Singers is a partner for him to sing in glory.

His career was not stopped only as a performer. He was also a teacher for music at New Orleans. He even became a mentor for some of troubled students. Based on his documentary and movie about him, there was a student who helped by him. She was Eunice Love who became one of the vocalists in RAMS. She said that Myles helped her from suicidal thought.

Raymond Myles was not known as a great performer, but also a great music teacher. He did not only bring a peace through his voice and music, but he was also let others made their own peace. That is why Myles became bigger and bigger for his fame and popularity.

The Controversy Of Raymond Myles Opened Up As A Gay

Raymond Myles a gospel giant and much more has been known as a gospel singer.

There will be an expectation that he must be a saint and religious who far from sins. At that time, he shockingly declared himself as a gay which made so many people could not believe about that. That is why his last label and producer could not continue with him because of his image. that time, a gay means a sinner. As a gospel singer, to be a gay is kind of impossible, much harder than just knowing how to get spray paint off glass, both literally and figuratively.

At that time, Myles faced the difficulties of his life. His career was going down. However, on 2003 he came back with his group RAMS. He could show that he could do better even how he was now. This year also brought him and his group back to the popularity.

The Bitter End Of Raymond Myles’ Life

Unfortunately, the life of Raymond Myles should end tragically.

At his 41 years old, Raymond Myles a gospel giant and much more was murdered and died. The investigation showed that his body was found dead an hour after his show. He was carjacked and died.

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